Lutgart Hanssens, 62 years old, Belgium

I heard for the first time of Living On Light a few months ago and my first reaction was: “Yes this is what I always have wanted to do”.
My process during the water diet was intense. I needed rest and grounding. I felt confident, and I got all the support I needed, and therefore I stayed 1 week, close to the LivingOnLight center.
I experienced weight loss, my tongue was white from the detoxing process, and I slept very little. Emotionally and mentally I was fine. And I was in good company with my sister who stayed with me.
The temporary Water Diet took 9 days + 1 night!
I felt very happy with the Transformation process. It is not only about not eating, but I felt more centered in myself, peaceful and had a sensation of freedom.
How other people think about my habits, does not bother me. The important thing for me is to feel that Living On Light is the right thing to do.
I would like to thank Kay and his wonderfull team for this amazing process.
With love,
Lutgart Hanssens, 62 years old, Belgium
Transformation - march 2017