Welcome to Living on LIGHT

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Human evolution - Living on Light (= Energy)

It is absolutely incredible. Since the beginning of time, every human being has been forced to eat regularly, otherwise we would die.

Now, however, we have reached the point in our evolution where
everyone can learn to free ourselves from the dependency on eating food in order to survive as a human being, and instead be nourished by LIGHT - or Universal Energy as it actually is.

Learning to live on Energy is a natural part of the Human Evolution.

This new lifestyle is not about a complete stop of eating for the rest of your life. It is about
the freedom of choosing what and when you want to eat - because you want to, and not because you are forced to “fuel up” with food in order to survive.

Why is it possible?

During the Energy and Awareness Shift on December 21st 2012, every human being (all around the Globe) had a previously latent area of the brain prepared. This part of the brain now enables humans to be nourished by Energy.

This evolutionary change means that it is now possible for us all to start to
free ourselves in a new way - not only from the dependency on eating food, but also in many other aspects of our life.

What is the purpose ?

The purpose is to break free from the dependency on eating regularly in order to survive as a human being. This is done with the help of an initiation (special healing that activates the Energy Center in the brain) and a temporary Water Diet, which lasts 10-14 days (individual from person to person).

To free yourself from the need to eat food is only
a tool to start a freeing processes in many other aspects of your life.

The primary purpose of living on Energy, is
the individuel self development process that is initiated when the logical part of the brain accepts that it is now possible to live on Energy.

Learning to live on Energy does not mean that you will become a "super-human”, who will never become ill again. Diseases come to tell us, we need to change something in our life, which you will still need after you start living on Energy. However, once you have reached the point of Transformation, after you have completed a temporary Water Diet in about 10-14 days, your personal learning process in life is going to happen faster than before, and with a greater understanding of the purpose of life.

Still, no student is being nourished only ny Energy, even though it is actually possible, but the consumption of food has for the majority been reduced by 70-80% compared to previous. This seminar is in no way fanatic, and we still allow ourselves pleasure and joy in our life, such as socializing with some delicious food when we are together with family and friends, who are not yet living on Energy, or if we just want to enjoy ourselves on our own.

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