Welcome to Living on LIGHT

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Learn to Live on Light

With Living on Light it is now possible to be nourished by Universal Energy and not depend on food to survive.

Your personal development will get boosted, since Living on Light is about setting yourself free on all levels. The freedom from food is just a tool for you to get freedom in all aspects of your life.

Living on Light is a natural part of our Human Evolution.

How to start Living on Light

During the Energy- and Consciousness Shift on December 21st 2012, every human being had an energy center prepared in the brain that makes it possible for all human beings to start living on Light.

The center needs to be activated since we are not yet that far in our human evolution, that we can do it ourselves. The activation happens through an initiation or healing which you can only get at Lotus Health Care Center. The method is unique.

After the initiation you are able to live from the Universal Energy effortlessly. No religious or spiritual practice or background is needed, so you do not have to do meditations or exercises to be able to nourish yourself from the Universal Energies.

Various seminars available

We offer different kinds of seminars for you to be able to live on Light.

You can just have the activation of the Energy Center in the brain and get the benefits from the Universal Energies.

If you want an in depth health examination and coaching combined with the initiation, that is also an option.

Just by the activation of the energy center in the brain, every Light student is able to get nourished through the Universal Energies. But the logic mind does not fully understand this, so body and mind need to learn this new way of working together.

Transformation through a water diet

For the logic brain to understand that you get nourishment from a new source, the third option is to do a water diet. When the brain understands its new source of nourishment, you are transformed to live on Light, and the brain quits old survival instincts regarding food.

By doing the water diet you also help lift the collective consciousness, and it will be still easier for everybody to live on Light.

During the water diet an in depth detox process of body, emotions, and old mental patterns begins. You cannot know what will happen for you exactly, but you will be pushed in the areas in which you need to let go the most. No matter if it is physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Safety during the water diet

To help your body handle the detox process, we strongly recommend that you get our health and Light expertise during the whole water diet with on-going health checks and coaching.

We do not recommend that you do the water diet on your own. It is an extra safety precaution for yourself, your body and health, so that you can begin your new way of living the best possible way.

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