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Kay Hougaard

Mental Training Developer and healer

About 2 weeks after the Energy and Consciousness Shift on December 21st 2012, I woke up one morning and noticed the feeling that I had to stop eating. In the beginning I did not understand anything, but it felt both easy and natural for me to do. After about 3 weeks (where I did not eat anything, and only drank water), I understood that it is now my job to teach other people to live on Light - or Universal Energy as it really is.

Today I only eat about 2% of what I did before. I still allow myself on occasion to enjoy myself with some delicious food, when I'm with friends and family, just for the enjoyment and the pleasure of it.

Because Living on Light is the natural next step in the Human Evolution, I have developed a seminar where everybody can learn to live on Energy. After December 2042 everybody can spontaneously start to nourished by Energy if they want to, but until that moment it is necessary to have the Energy Centre in the brain activated.

I am a mental training developer and a healer, and I have developed an initiation (= special healing), which opens the DNA of the body to both receive and to be supported by Energy.

On a daily basis I manage a large treatment center in Risskov near Aarhus (Denmark), where we amongst other things, offers different types of treatment, such as Deceased Contact, Acupuncture, Bio-Feedback (SCIO), Clairvoyance, Detox, Healing, Homeopathy, Iris Analysis, Kinesiology, Psychology (with a holistic approach), Regression, thought Field Therapy (TFT), Thai Massage and Reflexology.

You are welcome to read more about my health center on the website

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