Misato, 39 years old, Japanese

Why did I went to the Lotus house in Denmark ?
At the beginning, it was my husband’s idea. Honestly telling, I was very much against it.
It was difficult for me to believe the light living. But at the same time, I suffered from the strong stomachache time to time. The last attack made me change my idea. I told my husband that I come with him with our two kids. Because, I thougt simply that if I do not need to eat, I would not suffer any more for the stomachache.

How did I experience the initiation and water diet ?
Firstly, It was impossible for me to do this diet without my husband’s support especially we were with our kids who were still under 10 year-old. Because, I needed to stay in the bed all the day long for around 10 days. I felt as if all the stress and tiredness of the past came out all the sudden all together. I felt my mind, feeling and body were floating in the air.

What did I get during this stay in Denmark ?
Through this experience, I could have chance to face to my-self. I could learn to let my self go during the water diet period. At the same time, I noticed that I sought this complete pause of my self for a long time. Thanks to Kay and all the staffs of Lotus house and my husband, I could do this water diet with full trust.

Now, after a year and half, how am I doing ?
I could over come several remarkable events which would be difficult if I had not been to Denmark such as sudden death of my dear father, moral harassment during the internship etc. I do not focus on if I eat or not now. At the moment, I enjoy eating chocolates, peanuts and rice. I am in good health. But sometimes as a part of detox, both physically and emotionally, I have difficult times. Emotional change affect to our relations especially with close family. When I need help, I contact to Lotus house. They help me by giving me advice or doing the distance physical test and if necessary, I can receive homeopathy as soon as possible by post.
I enjoy sharing my changes, our changes with my husband but also sometimes even with our kids.

Misato, 39 years old, Japanese
Transformation - juli 2016