Jan Bertens, 50 years old, Holland

My experience with the Living on Light seminar!
I heard about living on light and a month later I did the light seminar.
After the health check and initiation I started the water diet.
What struck me was that I was not hungry.
I drank 2 - 3 liters of water every day, this was very easy to maintain.
My first experiences during the water diet:
1: The energy was less
2: the whole day had a light feeling in the head
3: the first 5 days I had a bit colder feeling because of the detox
I walked 1 - 2 hours every day
The water diet was easy for me with few inconveniences
The water diet was 9 days.

During the transformation I only felt that my posture on the chair changed and I sat straight and comfortable.
After the transformation I was very calm and all cautious and self-directed.
My taste pattern has changed a little.
I eat more chocolate and chips.
Now 2 weeks after the transformation during workdays I only drink tea and water, and in the evening I eat a small meal and some chocolate and chips.
I am now more conscious and relaxed in life.
My family's reaction and familiarity were very different.

Jan Bertens, 50 years old, Holland
Transformation - February 2018