Woman, anonymos, The Netherlands

Through a link in a newsletter I discovered a website from someone else who had done the Living on Light seminar. I knew right away that this was the right place for me to do this. The idea that this was possible I always found plausible and it felt natural to be able to live like that. I noticed that it was not a vague spiritual thing, but a grounded way to do this. I started this process together with a friend.
Compared to other recent participants, the water diet was apparently quite intense for me, but not nearly as intense as I had thought. I started with a headache, was biting my jaws again at night and had quite a sore throat for a few days. Furthermore, during the first week, especially days 5 to 8, I was very weak and could only lie down, do nothing and not even think well. I'm a real thinker, so this was a good lesson.
Towards the end I had pimples on my scalp for a week that itched. Fortunately there was always the back-up of the entire Living on Light team. They helped me very well and professionally through the entire process. I could go there any time for extra support. They are very friendly and listen carefully to your personal story and wishes (I wanted to get rid of the contraceptive pill and with this help I dared to do that and succeeded without any problem!).

The water diet lasted 8 days for me and stopped exactly when there was also a bile and liver detox on the program. For that we had to lie still on our side for two hours anyway. That way I could feel that I was completely relaxed and blissful for an hour. All the time I had the song of Lionel Richie in my head: Easy. It was wonderful to be able to eat something for the first time that same evening. Every bite was enjoying taste and texture.
At home I especially noticed during the first few weeks that I have lots of energy when I eat little. I really have to get used to it. Sometimes it is difficult to choose: working out creavings or eating just a little. I also notice that I am more relaxed with the things in life. I experience stress less quickly.
I deliberately told my family virtually nothing, because they would be unnecessarily worried. First let them see for at least a year how I am doing now. I could tell my girlfriends. Although they find it strange, they have previously seen that such choices always prove to be the right ones for me. My colleagues at work don't know, except for one. That is nice to be able to share something of my experiences in between work.
I am a teacher and the children think that I eat lunch with my colleagues and my colleagues think that I eat together with the children (just like before). In other words, skipping lunch is easy. I also eat at least half of what I did before and I feel good about that.

Woman, anonymos, The Netherlands
Transformation July 2018