Rémi, 37 years old, Switzerland

It's more than a year since I started at Kay and I'm beginning to understand what he said: "Eating or not eating is just a very small part of what it means Living on light."

I went to Aarhus with my wife and our two children (7 and 9 years old). We all received the activation, but the transformation of the water diet was only for adults.
Also, since then, the Lotus Health Care Centre has been and is always reactive to support us and answer our questions.

The detox process is the most impressive effect. The body cleans and recovers quickly. The ideas are clearer and my decisions are much simpler. Also, emotional shocks let me be easily.

I have over a year focused too much on trying not to eat or eat a little ... but it was a lot of wasted energy. I understand now that I should focus on what I would like to do and let myself be bathed in what my entourage brings me. In this way, efforts are reduced.

I learn to live simply, my needs of before fade little by little simply being myself in the very moment.
The pleasure and my comfort of living increase continuously. I take life as a real gift.

My children give me the chance and the challenges to better understand my actions and their consequences, because they also carry the reflections of my past.
"Student of Light"/ "Living Light", is my way for happiness.

Since I hear about living light, my first try by myself and my transition in Lotus Health Care, things are going well but differently than I imagined.

Rémi, 37 years old, Switzerland
Transformation - juli 2016