Christian van Beers, 33 years old, The Netherlands

Life Changing Experience

Ever since I fell ill in 2010 I became more and more dedicated to take care of my body in the best way possible.
During my study I got Pfeiffer's disease, Proctalgia Fugax, I didn't sleep anymore and my tinnitus worsened. This all happened in a period of a few months.
I've been eating (like 90%) organic food since 2006.
I became a vegetarian in 2015 (wish I had done it earlier).
I walk for hours in the forest every day, and I meditate a lot.
When I realized doing Tai Chi for hours every day for 6 years didn't give me the results I was hoping for, I gave it up.
A period of rest and more being instead of doing began, which is where I still am now.

When a friend of mine (Floris, who also has a post on this blog) told me about his experience and 'Living on Light', I immediately felt 'yes! this is something I wanna dive into myself!'
It felt like the next step for me.

Depending on what I eat, I always felt a bit tired afterwards. Even with the healthiest food and the smallest amounts, I could feel that my intestines were most happy when they are as empty as possible.
And Floris looked so good, shiny and healthy.
I knew there was something going on with him.

After the initiation I became more open, less tense. In the train back home a feeling of immense euphoria came over me and my whole body was tingling.
I didn't know what was happening to me but it felt really good.

The next day I started the water diet. The second day I felt really energetic, my body was tingling most of the day and I took long walks with my dog.
Didn't feel hungry all day.
I did the water diet on my own, at home.
The second day was beyond horrible, I had a lot of hunger. They explained that that's the Candida fungus who craves for food, sugar mostly.

It happened four times that I had unstoppable hiccups for over an hour. I was also tired but the worst part by far was the extreme nauseousness (10 times worse than when I have the flu).
I could barely walk, my body needed all the energy it could get to detox.
I guess I have a lot of emotions stuck somewhere in my body, and who knows what else is there that comes to the surface now.
Unfortunately this extreme nauseousness stayed until the 7th day!

All the time I didn't sleep well (this could also be because when you live on light you have more energy so you need less sleep).
I drank about 4-5 liters (mostly boiled) water each day.
And my urine was dark yellow every time so there was definitely some detoxing going on!
The hunger became a little bit less after the 6th day, maybe the Candidas died?
Even though I felt terrible, the nauseousness became unbearable at times and I considered quitting the process a few times, I still somehow managed to complete the water diet.

My transformation was on December 19th at 21:00, after 8 days.
I felt really relieved, in the past the water diet was 10, and in 2013 even 30 days.
I didn't feel anything during/after the transformation but my mind was only thinking about food anyway.

I could eat again at 21:30, so i started preparing it at 21:20. I was really hungry too somehow (I didn't had this for hours)
The smell of food alone was amazing..
I had one entire can of peas (which are my favorite vegetables) and five baked eggs (which I hadn't had in a long time.
And food never tasted this wonderful. It was just amazing..
After a few hours I could feel my belly was really full.
Good thing I didn't eat more, which I considered.
I guess now I get full really quickly.

Kay said now FEEL what you want to eat, don't think about it. Because you don't need calories, vitamins, minerals anymore, you are being nourished by the energies.
I now only eat a bit in the evening, whatever I feel like. I don't wanna disturb the detox process much.
Camilla told me it could take years to detox everything 'from the past' out of your system.
But it doesn't matter anyway. Who cares about the past right? :)

It seems that I also digest food a lot better and a lot slower now.
I began eating a bit after my transformation and I've had a bit with the amount compared to two sandwiches every day.
It took the food five days to digest, and defecating didn't feel very good so I don't know where it'll go from here. I'll probably eat some more fibers purely for the stool.
It just might be that I'll stop eating completely one day.

Also there's the 'cravings period'; it can happen after the water diet that you're body starts craving for food/drinks which you've been neglecting all the time.
They said that with vegetarians it happens a lot of time that they will crave and even eat meat.
I didn't feel any need for that, probably because I feel very attached to my surroundings, including animals and plants.
So yeah it's impossible for me to eat it anymore, that didn't change after the initiation.

What I did crave was sweets! I've never been a sweet tooth thanks to the upbringing at my moms, she never gave me stuff I didn't need.
But after the water diet, every now and then I eat a big pie and a full cake.
It's weird for me to feel all this freedom and still be the ascetic I am. It's like all attachments slowly fade away.

A few days after my transformation I became aware that my senses have become sharper, and my thought process is cleaned up a lot.
Everything seems so much clearer now.
And after two weeks I realized I didn't have, or even thought about sex for over a month.
So I guess I'm finally conquering feelings of sexual lust.
This is something I've always wanted to do.
My being is really becoming mature and more focused on growth and spiritual awakening.
In general I can only recommend the initiation, regardless of age or whatever. This can only benefit your life tremendously.

Thank you Kay & Camilla!

Christian van Beers, 33 years old, The Netherlands
Transformation - December 2017